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[reading,quote] Wюrd Sюsters

Чисто из уважения к glote опять начал читать "Wyrd Sisters". Ничего, вроде как разогнался. Ёжики опять же. А вот выписка, как раз в тему того, что ниже под катом.

It was on this cue that there came a thunderous knocking at the castle door. It seriously disturbed the castle porter, who was playing Cripple Mister Onion with the castle cook and the castle's Fool in the warmth of the kitchen.

He growled and stood up. “There is a knocking without,” he said.

“Without what?” said the Fool.

“Without the door, idiot.”

The Fool gave him a worried look. “A knocking without a door?” he said suspiciously. “This isn't some kind of Zen, is it?”

А под катом было вот что:

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