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[quote,reading] Disсworld QotD

О, вот оно, определение!

“You know the song to whom I am referring,” said Granny icily, “You always get drunk and let me down and sing it.”

“Can't recall any song like that, Esme,” said Nanny Ogg meekly.

“The one,” said Granny, “about the rodent that can't… that can't ever be persuaded to care about anything.

“Oh,” said Nanny, beaming as light dawned, “you mean The Hedgehog Can Never Be Bugg…”

“That's the one!”

“'But it's traditional,” said Nanny. “Anyway, in foreign parts people won't know what the words mean.”

“They will the way you sings them,” said Granny. “The way you sings them, creatures what lives on the bottoms of ponds'd know what they mean.”

P.S. Магер, спасибо за машинку!

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