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Ржу нимагу!!! Via danwinter & avva.

Cuba's Fidel Castro sprayed South Florida with a barrage of unprintable expletives yesterday after discovering that he was having a live radio conversation with two disc jockeys from that area who had called pretending to be Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's aides.

While on the air, Enrique Santos and Joe Ferrero of the WXDJ-FM Spanish-language station in Coral Gables persuaded Mr. Castro to help track down a lost briefcase that contained sensitive documents.


"You fell for it just like Hugo Chavez," Mr. Santos told Mr. Castro, referring to a show in which the disc jockeys had called Mr. Chavez, pretending to be Mr. Castro.

Ай, малаца!

P.S. А вот про первую серию, с Чавесом.

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