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[profession,fuck] Наш очередной горячий привет противникам суррогатных ключей

С WTF'а. Коллеги оценят вторую реплику.

Mark: I'm a bit puzzled why the first line of the address for each customer is the primary key in the Customer's Table…
DeveloperI decided that was the most unique item for each entity.
Mark: So what happens when you get a customer that shares the same first line of the address?
Developer: That generates an error — the user then rings me up and I generate the customer record.
Mark: Ah — so you change the first line of the address, what to?
Developer: Well, I prefix the line with a numerical value — indicating the duplication number.
Mark: So… a new customer with the address of "1 Main Street" would be changed to "2 1 Main Street"?
Developer: Correct
Owner: Does it?
Developer: Er… Yes.
Owner: …
Owner: Well, that explains why most of our marketing and billing post is never delivered…

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