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[reading,quote,language] Interesting Times

Приключения Чингис-Когана в Китае — это просто ПЦ как весело. Особенно китайский язык.

‘Eh?…’ said Cohen. ‘Here, Mr Taxman… what do these people do all day?’

‘What would you like them to do?’

‘I'd like them to bugger off.’

‘Sorry, my lord?’

‘[Complicated pictogram],’ said Mr Saveloy. The new Lord Chamberlain looked a little startled.

‘What, here?’

‘It's a figure of speech, lad. He just means he wants everyone to go away quickly.’

The court scurried out. A sufficiently complicated pictogram is worth a thousand words.

Ну и прекраснейшие имена местных жителей типа Three Solid Frog.

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