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[reading,quote] Moving Pictures

“SHUT UP!” screamed Soll. “Everyone shut up! SHUT UP! The next person who doesn't shut up will never work in this town again! Understand? Do I make myself CLEAR? Right.” He coughed, and continued in a more normal voice: “Very well. Now, I want it understood that this is a Breathtaking, Blockbusting Romantic film about a woman's fight to save the”, he consulted his clipboard, and went on valiantly, “everything she loves against the background of a World Gone Mad, and I don't want any more trouble from anyone.”

A dwarf tentatively raised his hand.

“ 'Scuse me?”

“Yes?” said Soll.

“Why is it all Mr Dibbler's films are set against the background of a world gone mad?” said the dwarf.

Soll's eyes narrowed. “Because Mr Dibbler”, he growled, “is a very observant man.”

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