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[job,fcuk] Вакансия в Москве

Status:Full Time, Employee
Location:Russia, Moscow and Moscow Region
Occupation Title:Ethics
Job Title:Ethics Advisor
Experience Level:Experienced
Job Description:The Ethics Advisor (EA) is a partner with senior leadership and employees at Boeing locations within the assigned region to provide expertise on ethics and business conduct issues for Boeing Company businesses. The EA adapts and optimizes current ethics program initiatives, policies, and materials to suit local legislative, business, and cultural norms; manages the application of Company ethics and business conduct policy to specific issues; manages investigations of possible policy and code of conduct breaches; develops and reports ethics and business conduct metrics, and, as appropriate, recommends program or process changes to enhance performance. The EA will be required to travel to Boeing sites within the assigned region to undertake ethics and business conduct activities, and will occasionally be required to travel to the US to participate in training, attend conferences or other events.

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