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[profession,quote] Mullay on PM carreer path

From "Project Management: What's The Career Path?" by Mark Mullay.

Great so far, but most people — especially the top caliber project managers — are blessed with that pesky quality that we call ambition. This job is great, but where to now? How do I grow? And can I see the executive suite from here?

Interestingly enough, and unfortunately for a lot of organizations, that answer is a resounding "no". The project manager is a role unto itself, with no entry point and no graceful exit. Project managers are hired primarily from the outside, and are assumed to come ready-made and pre-built with all of the skills necessary to do the job at hand, and do it well. Project managers aren't developed, they aren't groomed, and in many cases, they receive no training.

As a result, the role can have a huge turnover, despite its relative value and the satisfaction some might find in the organization they are in. The presumption is that if I can't go up, then I need to get out. Career advancement by company hopping works well for some, but what happens when we love the organization we work for and don't really want to leave? What's the value for the organization when that hard-won expertise walks right back out the door again after the project is over?

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