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Bruce Schneier's secure handshake is so strong, you won't be able to exchange keys with anyone else for days.

More Bruce Schneier Facts here.

  • Most people use passwords. Some people use passphrases. Bruce Schneier uses an epic passpoem, detailing the life and works of seven mythical Norse heroes.
  • Bruce Schneier's online purchases are so secure, his shopping cart is an M-1 tank.
  • Bruce Schneier can solve NP-Complete problems in NlogN time.
  • Bruce Schneier writes his books and essays by generating random alphanumeric text of an appropriate length and then decrypting it.
  • Bruce Schneier decrypted the Bible. The plaintext read, "Bruce Schneier".
  • When Bruce Schneier does modulo arithmetic, there are no remainders. Ever.
  • Bruce Schneier mounts side-channel attacks through the front channel.
  • Bruce Schneier knows your private key.
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