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Is this the industry's gradually taking over or just the landscape changing? Canadian survey on music downloads & offline purchases (via /.).

The survey included several additional noteworthy findings:

  • When respondents were asked how many songs downloaded from the Internet reside on their computers, 35 percent said zero, 26 percent said between 1-50 songs, 17 percent said 51-250, and 17 percent said 251 or more.
  • When asked about the number of songs obtained from P2P services in the previous month, 29 percent said none, 54 percent said between 1-50, and just 9 percent said more than 51 songs. That contrasts with 2002 data when 14 percent said zero, 71 percent said between 1-50, and 11 percent said more than 51 songs.
  • When asked about the use of commercial download sites such as iTunes, 67 percent said they had no songs from such services on their computers and 19 percent said they between 1-50 songs. That contrasts with data in 2002 when 84 percent said they had no songs from such services on their computers and 12 percent said they had between 1-50 songs.
  • Respondents who have purchased less music in the last 12 months were asked to explain the change. Just nine percent of respondents cited P2P as the reason for fewer purchases.

P.S. Аммосов и Магер могут перестать чморить люмпенов, хе-хе.

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