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[aktuell,profession,quote,fcuk] The juiciest bit from Moishe Lettvin's post

Everyone in the trade (or everyone reading Joel, which is roughly the same thing) has blogged/linked/quoted Moishe Lettvin's testimony on Vista shutdown feature. This all is very much sic-transit and all, and definitely worth thorough reading (makes you laugh and sigh at the same time), but I just wanna say I find this bit the funniest (the funny part is in the second paragraph; the first paragraph sets the necessary context):

I worked on the "Windows Mobile PC User Experience" team… My team's raison d'etre was: improve the experience for users on laptops, notebooks and ultra-mobile PCs. Noble enough. Of course the Windows Shell team, whose code I needed to muck about in to accomplish my tiny piece of this, had a charter of their own which may or may not have intersected ours…

My team had a very talented UI designer and my particular feature had a good, headstrong program manager with strong ideas about user experience. We had a Mac that we looked to as a paragon of clean UI. Of course the Shell team also had some great UI designers and numerous good, headstrong PMs who valued (I can only assume) simplicity and so on. Perhaps they had a Mac too.

Dear quick_justicequick_justice, this almost persuades me to buy iPod, even if it can only sync to a single computer, which I still don't fully believe.

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