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[business,quote] LinkedIn'ners on offshoring

LinkedIn'овские вопросы и ответы — это такие форумы для англоязычных менеджеров повышенного звена. Те, кто в LinkedIn, могут развлечься общественным мнением по поводу аутсорсинга в разные места.

  • I suspect India and China will maintain their lead for many, many years. India may get bigger in manufacturing, China may get bigger in IT. More adventurous companies will look at multiple locations, but they will be comparatively small compared to the "big guys". Eastern Europe will slow down fairly rapidly — driven by rising wage costs, limited supply outstripped by demand and poor educational standards. You will see consolidation amongst vendors outside of the tier one SWITCH gang in India (Satyam, Wipro, Infosys, Tata, Cognizant, HCL).

  • Salaries will eventually equalize.

    Salaries in Bangalore have been rising at 12%-15% a year for years now, and other locations are following. As a result offshorers move on, mainly limited by skills (including language), first to other cities in India – Hyderabad is rapidly rising now, for example. Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Russia and China are also growing in popularity but in particular Eastern Europe will be hampered by rising salaries early.

    Parts of Africa will become attractive if their infrastructure gets up to scratch — Ghana and Nigeria, for example, have millions of English speaking people and their middle/upper classes all send their children to England to go to school if they can afford it, creating a growing segment of well educated English speaking people in a much more convenient time zone than either China or India, combined with a rapidly improving telecoms sector. That's more or less the only thing that can slow down the equalization of salaries.

А те, кто не в LinkedIn, могут записаться, а знакомые со мной – заодно и прилинковать меня (мой адрес имя@фамилия.com).

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