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[technology,humanity,fcuk] Community Effort

С подачи уважаемого коллеги. Если среди ваших контактов в LinkedIn есть девушка по имени Ирина Кузнецова с емейлом (у неё 500+ контактов), и вы не знаете её лично и откуда она взялась, удалите её, пожалуйста, и напишите жалобу в support. Это явный спамер.

Просьба не путать её с другой Ириной Кузнецовой, которая имеет 12 контактов, известна мне и вполне легитимна.

Я написал уже:


I wish to draw your attention to a person named Irina Kuznetsova, whose public profile is at and whose email is specified as This person looks very much like a spammer. During past 3-4 weeks she was changing schools info in her profile and sending out lots of invitation to the alleged "classmates". These included myself and several of my friends, who in reality graduated from completely different schools.

I believe the activities of this person undermine the key principles of LinkedIn and social networking in general. I have removed her from the list of my connections, but suggest that LinkedIn investigates this issue and eventually takes proper defensive and preventive measures.

Thank you very much.

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