Male C. Pig a.k.a. Svinopolist (piggymouse) wrote,
Male C. Pig a.k.a. Svinopolist

Это пять

Спасибо, спасибо!

When asked what he thinks about Western civilization, Gandhi replied – "I think that would be an excellent idea!"

Мне это в свою очередь напомнило:

"Hant, you have to tell me about space aliens, and Extra Terrestrial Intelligence." He’s a long tall sucker, kind of stiff with age now, and looks like nine miles of bad road. He wears a floppy hat that you just know used to be something else before the flatbed ran over it.

He leaned on his ax so he’d be picturesque and said, "Son, if it’s terrestrial intelligence, it damn sure ain’t extra."

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