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[reading,quote,personal] More Прадчед QotD

Дочитал "Making Money". Три с плюсом относительно Discworld'а в целом, четыре относительно серии производственных романов.

Не могу удержаться и не выписать один совершенно проходной гэг, имеющий тем не менее самое прямое отношение к нашей с вами повседневной жизни.

“Is it not said that the last shall be the first and the first shall be the last?”

“You know, I've always been a bit worried about that,” said Ms. Houser. “I mean, what happens to the people who aren't first but aren't really last, either? You know… jogging along, doing their best?”

“A conundrum indeed, Berenice,” said Cribbins, following her. “The holy texts don't mention it, but I have no doubt that… I have no doubt that they will be found still jogging along, but possibly in the opposite direction.”

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