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Male C. Pig a.k.a. Svinopolist

[music,quote] Не-Тибет жжот

В свежем Durtro newsletter не-Тибет отжог неоднократно. Самое прекрасное — это конечно новое выражение "Satanic digital gap", as in:

There has been a disastrous error on the pressing of the UK/European edition of the ‘Of Ruine’ CD. All tracks, instead of being cross-faded, have a 2 second gap between them, making the CD completely unlistenable due to the Satanic digital gaps.

Также у не-Тибета случилась очередная РЛО-сессия.

We were recently sent an email asking if any of the Durtro artists received royalties from downloading from dubious sites in Russia and elsewhere.

Не будем показывать пальцем, да.

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