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[quote,politics,aktuell,military] Герой России Фред

Фред продался кровавой гебне.

There are three levels of military stupidity: stupid, really and truly stupid, and war with Russia. Right now we’re going for the brass ring.

В его творчестве, как обычно, много римейков. Половину эсцея он списал с аналогичных произведений 2004го года, но хватает и новых зажигалок.

Finally, patriotism will become a capital offense. It serves chiefly as a mechanism allowing rogues and pathological short men to send our puzzled teenagers to kill someone else’s. Iraq can kill its own damn teenagers if it likes. I understand the urge, having had teenagers, but it isn’t my job.

Ну и про мясников-вегетарианцев хорошо.

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