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[dilbert,comics,art,personal] Majoring in Dilbert Studies

С огромным удоволствием листаю четырёхкилограммовый кирпич "Dilbert 2.0", любезно притащенный мне из Лондона Таксифишем и коллегами. Нашёл в автобиографии Адамса чудесный кусочек информации:

I named Dilbert's dog on my own. I wanted the dog's name to have some connection to Dilbert's name. So naturally, I named him Dildog. (Yes, really.)

At about this time, my friend Josh Libresco noticed in the local paper, the San Francisco Examiner, a contest for people who looked like their dogs. Readers were encouraged to send in photos posing with their dogs, and the best ones would get some sort of prize. Josh suggested that I send in a drawing of Dilbert and Dildog. After all, they looked sort of similar.

In retrospect, this was a ridiculous idea, since the contest was specifically for photos. For some reason, that didn't stop me. But I knew I had to change Dildog's name to something more newspaper-friendly. That's when Dildog became Dogbert.

Приятно также находить ранее не виденные перлы. Вот парочка вещей, которые находят у меня в душе сильный отклик.

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