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В рождественском Экономисте помещена длинная трепологическая статья про историю поваренных книг. В ней я наткнулся на забавное, очень подходящее к моему нынешнему чтению "Masters and Commanders".

Pearson, [who published “Cookery Under Rations” in 1941], conceded that rationing was likely to tighten, rendering even some of her sparse recipes impossible. She was right about that. By 1944 Irene Veal was advising women how to cook with dried eggs or even with no eggs at all. Her recipe for mayonnaise is one of the most heartbreaking passages ever written in English:

“Melt 1oz of margarine in ½ teacup milk, and when the mixture is warm put through a cream machine — the five shilling kind which many of us bought before the war and still, I expect, possess. In about 2 or 3 hours’ time add very gently to the cream 1 teaspoon made mustard and 1 tablespoon each salad oil and vinegar. Beat well and serve. If the oil is not available, it does not greatly matter…”

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