Male C. Pig a.k.a. Svinopolist (piggymouse) wrote,
Male C. Pig a.k.a. Svinopolist

[music,quote] Время колокольчиков

Перечитывал книжку из серии книжек-про-великие-альбомы "Trout Mask Replica" by Kevin Courrier. Ещё раз прифигел от эпизода с колокольчиками.

Herb Cohen noticed that Beefheart had ordered twenty sets of sleigh bells for the recording session. He pointed out to Beefheart that even if Frank Zappa and the engineer were added to the bell-ringers, they would only need fourteen sleigh bells with one in each hand of the performers. “What are you going to do with the other six?,” Cohen asked. “We'll overdub them,” Beefheart replied calmly.

Таких людей больше не делают, I tell you.

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