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[link,language,nationalitätenfrage,russophobic] Russian

Оказывается, на Urban Dictionary есть статья на слово "russian" и там есть много неожиданного.

1. russian

Sex in which a man places his penis between a woman's breasts and jerks himself off with them.

"I did a Russian on that girl over there with the huge boobs."


4. russian

Of, pertaining to or being illegal, amoral or generally below-board. Not as a slur against the country or people of Russia, but more to do with the great online cut-price MP3 e-stores emanating from Russia (see, etc.).

P: Mate, check it out, I got some proper russian DVDs down the car-boot sale.
T: Screeners or DVDRips?
P: Rips.
T: Ossome.

J: If you've ordered the game, why don't you just download it and play a russian copy till it arrives?
A: I can't! I feel dirty…

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