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[3pm] King Kong Party или День Обезьяны

Повторяем пост в покойном project3pm пятилетней давности. Список отсортирован хронологически, а номера в списке проставлены по убыванию крутости с моей, субъективной точки зрения.

King Kong Party or The Planet Of Apes

Apes, apes everywhere!

The name of this song is King Kong. It's a story of a very large gorilla who lived in the jungle. And he was doing okay, until some Americans came by and thought that they would take him home with them. They took him to the United States, and they made some money by using the gorilla. Then they killed him.

  1. KK: from "Tis The Season To Be Jelly", live in Sweden, 1967
  2. KK: from "Ahead Of Their Time", live at London's Royal Festival Hall, 1968
  3. KK (YouTube!): live at the BBC, 1968
  4. KK: from "Uncle Meat", 1969
  5. KK: from "You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 3", live in London & several other places, 1971-1982
  6. KK: from "Make A Jazz Noise Here", live in Cleveland, 1988
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