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Exclusive: Chicago Father Faces Jail for Bringing Daughter to Church

Прекрасная история из жизни простой американской семьи, бриллиантово суммированная товарищем Аммосовым.

  1. Девушка и парень знакомятся на ринге для бокса, и, вырубив друг друга по разку, начинают гулять.
    • When Joseph Reyes and Rebecca Shapiro first met while boxing at a Chicago gym, they knocked each other out. "There was a happiness about her… a glow," Joseph said.
  2. Девушка юрист, парень военный разведчик. Девушка из Приличной Еврейской Семьи, парень католик, но оба не больно верующие.
    • Joseph was raised Catholic; Rebecca grew up Jewish. Although both said they were open-minded about religion, Rebecca's overbearing parents did not accept their daughter marrying a non-Jew, according to Joseph. Rebecca denied that, and said that she was OK with his religion as long as he agreed to build a Jewish home.
  3. Поженились по еврейскому обычаю (папа с мамой велели, а парень решил не настаивать) и стали строить прочную еврейскую семью.
    • Their wedding in the fall of 2004 was a traditional Jewish affair. They signed a ketubah, a Hebrew marriage contract, and held the wedding ceremony under a huppa, a ceremonial canopy that symbolizes the creation of a Jewish household.
  4. Финансы запели романсы, родители девушки стали подкидывать денег.
    • As Joseph's career floundered, Rebecca became disenchanted. "He just walked away from a series of things without considering the amount of money that — that I had asked from my parents to support us. And that was really difficult. And then, all of a sudden, the entire financial burden was on me," she said.
  5. Девушка объявила парню, что семья — это папа с мамой, а он только тратить умеет.
    • "Rebecca made it very clear at some point in time that her family, her parents were her primary family and that I fell secondary," [Joseph] said.
  6. Беременность, дочка, парня уговорили сделать символическое обрезание (ребе кольнул иголочкой член), дочку решили воспитывать еврейкой.
    • They had firmly agreed to raise Ela Jewish, said Rebecca. "We had pledged in the marriage contract to raise Jewish children and so we had a Jewish home."
    • [Joseph] converted to Judaism after Ela was born, complete with a "ritualized circumcision" that involved a pin prink to a very sensitive area. That takes commitment, Rebecca said, "that's a Jew right there."
  7. Парень ловит жену на "страстной" переписке с коллегой по работе.
    • He suspected his wife was having an affair after she changed her cell phone account, seemed distant, and started wearing sexier clothes to work, he said. One day, he said, he happened upon a cache of her personal e-mails, dozens of steamy messages between her and another lawyer.
  8. Парень тайком крестит дочку и посылает жене фотки.
    • He sent Rebecca an e-mail with pictures attached, saying they were "taken of our beautiful daughter on the day of her baptism." Joseph claimed that the baptism was not meant to taunt Rebecca, it was "an insurance policy on the soul. That's not indoctrination." Catholicism is important to him, he said.
  9. Девушка пошла в суд и получила решение "мужу не подвергать дочку иному религиозному воздействию, кроме еврейского".
    • In December 2009, Rebecca filed court papers asking that Joseph be forbidden "from taking Ela to church or taking other actions counter to Ela's Jewish education and upbringing." She argued that the baptism represented "inappropriate behavior" and that going to church could cause "irreparable injury" and "harm" to her daughter. Chicago family law Judge Edward R. Jordan agreed with Rebecca, issuing what some legal experts called an extraordinary court order that temporarily barred Joseph from "exposing Ela Reyes to any other religion other than the Jewish religion, during his visitation."
  10. Парень возмутился антиконституционным запретом на свободу совести и повёл дочку в церковь под телекамерами.
    • Angry and defiant over what he said was an outrageous and unconstitutional court order, Joseph marched his toddler into a Catholic Church, with cameras in tow. "I was willing to die fighting for these rights in Afghanistan. There's not a whole lot worse they can do to me than that," he told a local TV station filming him leaving the church.
  11. В итоге, жена требует привлечь мужа за "неуважение к суду", причём они ещё и развестись не успели.
    • After Joseph's media stunt, Rebecca rushed back to court, saying Joseph clearly violated the order and endangered Ela by putting her in the public eye. As punishment, she asked that he be charged with indirect criminal contempt, a crime that carries up to six months in jail.
  12. Ну, тут Аммосов неправ немножко, развод вполне случился уже.
    • Joseph said he was beat up in divorce court, a system that he believes is rigged against men. He lost early on: Rebecca got the home, the car, custody of their child.

"Прежде чем жениться, посмотри на маму и папу девушки," совершенно справедливо замечает Юрий. И current music согласен.

Ну и эстетический антисемитизм, конечно куда ж мне без него. Хотя мужик тоже хорош.

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