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Впечатление дня: Spiral69

TWIMC, thanks a lot for sharing, этот ваш Spiral69 ничего такая итальянская штучка. Попсовенько, но так в общем и обещали.

Spiral69 is Riccardo Sabetti’s solo project, former founder of the band Pixel, and bassist/guitarist of the historical dark-wave group Argine for several years, which now leaves its dark and industrial recent past to soften in a more melodic and gothic rock. […] The result is “ A Filthy Lesson for Lovers”, a dark album, in English, filled with echoes and recalls to historical bands such as Joy Division, The Cure, NIN, Nick Cave and Beatles, a fusion of Dark, New Wave and Pop which meets with the American folk song of Dylan and Johnny Cash’s country.

Мягенько и мелодичненько так. Ну, мне сейчас как раз то, что доктор прописал.

Переходим к Ain Soph, хотя судя по описанию это для Магера скорее музыка.

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