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[3pm] Laika - Out Of Sight And Snowblind

А вот совершенно случайно под руку подвернулось.

Удивительно, как хорошая музыка не теряет свежести. Тринадцать лет прошло, а весь второй альбом Лайки слушается на одном дыхании. Очень я его люблю.

Laika — Out Of Sight And Snowblind

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I watch the lights on the ocean
I count the leaves on the trees
If it wasn't for your indecision
There'd be nothing between you and me

I catch your eye it's a showdown
Anticipate your every move
Purposely find contradiction
Escalate nothing to prove

Instants of calm fly by mocking
All poking fun at a smile
She pulls a face in the mirror
Lately it's just not our style

Losing control to stay under
Fighting and screaming down walls
Worry has made you a martyr
Washed up and left for the birds
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