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Коллеги из Рексофта, что за х2ня?

Reksoft goes green

Aiming to minimise our consumption of natural resources, Reksoft has started a green IT programme focused on saving energy, recycling materials and reducing CO2 emissions.

We began by conducting an environmental audit and followed it up with an employee survey to explore the possibilities for reducing our impact on the environment. Suggestions flew in thick and fast from all over the company, and many have already been implemented.

We have already taken some steps towards reducing Reksoft's carbon footprint: for instance, the virtualisation of all project servers has been successfully performed, increasing computer efficiency by 20% and reducing electricity consumption by 15%. All the UPS lead-acid batteries are sent to recycle points. A number of virtual meeting tools have been introduced to reduce non-essential business travel. And in a city where snow, narrow lanes and snaking canals can cause traffic to become static, we've done our bit to get more cars off the road too.

But Reksoft is striving to improve its environmental performance still further. If you have any stories to share about making your office greener and cleaner, we'd love to hear them!

Меня особенно интересуют две вещи:

  • В чём состоял employee survey и сколько и от кого на него пришло ответов?
  • За счёт чего Рексофт got more cars off the street в этом заснеженном городе?

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