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QotD / Murder in the Cathedral

Не, ну я понимаю конечно, что цитировать такие хрестоматийные вещи, это типа как, не знаю, выписывать целиком всю сцену про мальчиков кровавых в глазах. Но вы меня простите, я-то это первый раз читаю.

THOMAS:                         No!
Who are you, tempting with my own desires?
Others have come, temporal tempters,
With pleasure and power at palpable price.
What do you offer? what do you ask?

TEMPTER: I offer what you desire. I ask
What you have to give. Is it too much
For such a vision of eternal grandeur?

THOMAS: Others offered real goods, worthless,
But real. You only offer 
Dreams to damnation.

TEMPTER:         You often dreamt them.

THOMAS: Is there no way, in my soul's sickness,
Does not lead to damnation in pride?
I well know that these temptations
Mean present vanity and future torment.
Can sinful pride be driven out
Only by more sinful? Can I neither act nor suffer
Without perdition?

TEMPTER: You know and do not know, what it is to act or suffer.
You know and do not know, that action is suffering,
And suffering action. Neither does the agent suffer
Nor the patient act. But both are fixed
In an eternal action, an eternal patience
To which all must consent that it may be willed
And which all must suffer that they may will it,
That the pattern may subsist, that the wheel may turn and still
Be forever still.
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