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R.I.P. Sebastian Horsley

Охренеть, выходит, я живого Хорзли видел два раза в жизни: 28 мая первый и 29 мая последний. Новость из тибетовского блога. Хорзли умер в среду, Тибет сделал запись в блоге на myspace в четверг.

David is devastated to hear of the death of his oldest friend, Sebastian Horsley, who introduced Current 93 at their recent concerts in London on 28 and 29 May.

David and his close friend Rossella Ferrari were at the launch night for the play of Sebastian’s controversial autobiography, ‘Dandy in the Underworld’ in London on Tuesday evening. They left at 1am after discussing a new Current 93 album to which Sebastian was to contribute guitar, and which was to feature Andrew Liles, James Blackshaw, Eliot Bates, Keith Wood, Baby Dee and Alex Neilson. Sebastian’s last words to David were, “It sounds fabulous, darling; I’m definitely in. Call me tomorrow.” Sebastian died later that day.

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