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The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project - We Are Only Riders

Основное впечатление прошедшей недели — альбом "We Are Only Riders" от собрания великих, назвавшего себя "The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project".

Спасибо он знает кому, что пошарил. Ищущие да обрящут сами знают где.

Про альбом:

While clearing out his attic, Cypress Grove came across a bag of dusty old cassettes. He found one marked "JLP Songs". As soon as he put it on he remembered what it was; Cypress & Jeffrey rehearsing material for the album they made together ("Ramblin' Jeffrey Lee and Cypress Grove with Willie love"). This resulted in Cypress starting to contact other musicians to see what could be done with this unfinished material.

"We Are Only Riders" is more than just a "various artists" compilation. It's a musical collective of artists who have come together to interpret (and in some cases, complete) unfinished skeletal works by Jeffrey Lee Pierce.

О Джеффри Ли Пирсе:

Jeffrey Lee Pierce (June 27, 1958 — March 31, 1996) was an American singer, songwriter and guitarist. He was one of the founding members of the 1980s punk band The Gun Club. He also released several solo albums and was a founding member of The Red Lights before forming The Gun Club.

[By late 1970s] Pierce found himself disappointed by the swift decline of punk rock into strict formality, and his sense that reggae was ultimately a foreign import. Seeking music with the authenticity and simplicity of reggae but more deeply rooted in American history and culture, he found the Delta blues. By the late 70s Pierce had laid out the sound he was after, and developed the persona — a type of theatrical frontman modeled in part on Bryan Ferry and Marc Bolan — that would become the essential elements of Gun Club.

Though The Gun Club never attained significant commercial success — in large part [due] to Pierce's willful personality and his struggles with alcohol and drugs — they were always critically lauded and widely recognized as one of the more influential bands of the age. The White Stripes' Jack White and The Screaming Trees' Mark Lanegan have cited the band as huge influences, as have England's Gallon Drunk and The Flaming Stars.

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