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squadette дарит нам радость!

NOAA's Office of Coast Survey, in conjunction with the NOAA Climate Database Modernization Program and the NOAA Central Library, is in the process of imaging the entire collection of historical Coast Pilots. The history of the United States Coast Pilot extends back many centuries, when Edmund March Blunt (1770-1862) published the American Coast Pilot in 1796. Blunt's Coast Pilot was not the first book of sailing directions, or even the first such book concerning American waters. However, it was the first book of American sailing directions published in the United States.

Что мне сразу напомнило любимую книжку.

The dwelling was dismantled; but we could see a white man had lived there not very long ago. There remained a rude table — a plank on two posts; a heap of rubbish reposed in a dark corner, and by the door I picked up a book. It had lost its covers, and the pages had been thumbed into a state of extremely dirty softness; but the back had been lovingly stitched afresh with white cotton thread, which looked clean yet. It was an extraordinary find. Its title was, An Inquiry into some Points of Seamanship, by a man Towser, Towson — some such name — Master in his Majesty's Navy. The matter looked dreary reading enough, with illustrative diagrams and repulsive tables of figures, and the copy was sixty years old. I handled this amazing antiquity with the greatest possible tenderness, lest it should dissolve in my hands. Within, Towson or Towser was inquiring earnestly into the breaking strain of ships' chains and tackle, and other such matters. Not a very enthralling book; but at the first glance you could see there a singleness of intention, an honest concern for the right way of going to work, which made these humble pages, thought out so many years ago, luminous with another than a professional light. The simple old sailor, with his talk of chains and purchases, made me forget the jungle and the pilgrims in a delicious sensation of having come upon something unmistakably real. Such a book being there was wonderful enough; but still more astounding were the notes pencilled in the margin, and plainly referring to the text. I couldn't believe my eyes! They were in cipher! Yes, it looked like cipher. Fancy a man lugging with him a book of that description into this nowhere and studying it — and making notes — in cipher at that! It was an extravagant mystery.

Кто читал, тот конечно помнит, что это был за шифр.

А в coast pilots я сразу открыл Pacific Coast, нашёл и прочитал:


This bay affords the finest and most commodious harbor on the Pacific coast of the United States. From its discovery it has commanded the admiration of navigators, and, since the wonderful rise of California, has well sustained its reputation. Its geographical position, its size and depth of water, its noble entrance and bold shores, the Sacramento and tributaries, draining the rich agricultural valleys and auriferous slopes of the Sierra Nevada, the magic city upon its shores, and the salubrity of its climate, have conspired to make it emphatically the port of the Pacific.

Место моей мечты, да.

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