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Почему-то вспомнилось

Отсюда (ресурс весьма рекомендуемый, кстати, хотя и не обновляется). Определение из англо-английского словаря, конкретно: Modern English Usage by H.W. Fowler. Собственно, вспомнились подчёркнутые слова. Повод для воспоминания позволю себе утаить.

Pedantry. May be defined, for the purpose of this book, as the saying of things in language so learned or so demonstratively accurate as to imply a slur upon the generality, who are not capable or not desirous of such displays. The term, then, is obviously a relative one; my pedantry is your scholarship, his reasonable accuracy, her irreducible minimum of education, & someone else's ignorance. It is therefore not very profitable to dogmatise here on the subject; an essay would establish not what pedantry is, but only the place in the scale occupied by the author; & that, so far as it is worth enquiring into, can be better ascertained from the treatment of details, to some of which accordingly, with a slight classification, reference is now made…

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