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QotD: Pynchon on Not Fucking Up

Медленно-медленно, по главе в день читаю “Mason & Dixon”. Подпеваю песням. Утираю слезу чистого умиления, когда автор переходит на метауровень. Прекрасный, почвенный, православный, полезный печени постмодернизм.

Цитата ниже посвящается raven_hl и нашей с ним любимой записке от маленькой девочки пилоту авиалайнера.

He'd been greeted at the Quarter-deck by a Youth of loutish and ungather'd appearance, recruited but recently in a press-gang sweep of Wapping, who exclaim'd, “Damme! Look at this, Boys! An officer wha' knows enough to come in out of the rain!”

Trying not to bark, Capt. Smith replied, “What's your name, sailor?”

“By some I be styl'd, ‘Blinky.’ And who might you be?”

“Attend me, Blinky, — I am the Captain of this Vessel.”

“Well,” advised the young salt, “you've got a good job, — don't fuck up.”

Steady advice.

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