Male C. Pig a.k.a. Svinopolist (piggymouse) wrote,
Male C. Pig a.k.a. Svinopolist

QotD: Jack “Fingers” Soames

Продолжаю лечение Мейсоном-Диксоном.

“Rather stick the Pig and hear it squeal,” comments Jack “Fingers” Soames, a vipersih Lad whose eponymous Gesture, made in answer to all Overtures, however ritual or ev'ryday, strangely lacks any hostile Intent, being expressive rather of a deep-held wish, so far as may be possible within the Perimeter of a Sixth-Rate, to be left alone. All but the most resolutely matey of Ship's Company are content to oblige him. He enjoys the solitude that results, — never idle, obeying commands Outer and Inner, perfecting maritime Skills, — amid, but not of, a floating Village of others just as busy living lives he's no desire to enter.

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