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QotD: More Mem Sahib

Индо-викторианская Молоховец радует безмерно. До code review я так пока и не добрался, но темы мотивации и делегирования раскрыты практически до конца. Вот про мотивацию например.

The next duty [of a mistress] is obviously to insist on her orders being carried out. And here we come to the burning question, ‘How is this to be done?’ Certainly, there is at present very little to which we can appeal in the average Indian servant, but then, until it is implanted by training, there is very little sense of duty in a child; yet in some well-regulated nurseries obedience is a foregone conclusion. The secret lies in making rules and keeping to them. The Indian servant is a child in everything save age, and should be treated as a child; that is to say, kindly, but with the greatest firmness. The laws of the household should be those of the Medes and Persians, and first faults should never go unpunished. By overlooking a first offence, we lose the only opportunity we have of preventing it becoming a habit.

But it will be asked, How are we to punish our servants when we have no hold either on their minds or bodies? — when cutting their pay is illegal, and few, if any, have any real sense of shame.

The answer is obvious. Make a hold.

И про коучинг и делегирование.

A good mistress in India will try to set a good example to her servants in routine, method, and tidiness. Half-an-hour after breakfast should be sufficient for the whole arrangements for the day; but that half-hour should be given as punctually as possible. An untidy mistress invariably has untidy, a weak one, idle servants. It should never be forgotten that — though it is true in both hemispheres that if you want a thing done you should do it yourself — still, having to do it is a distinct confession of failure in your original intention. Anxious housewifes are too apt to accept defeat in this way; the result being that the lives of educated women are wasted in doing the work of lazy servants.

The authors' advice is therefore —

‘Never do work which an ordinarily good servant ought to be able to do. If the one you have will not or cannot do it, get another who can.’


We do not wish to advocate an unholy haughtiness; but an Indian household can no more be governed peacefully, without dignity and prestige, than an Indian Empire. For instance, if the mistress wishes to teach the cook a new dish, let her give the order for everything, down to charcoal, to be ready at a given time, and the cook in attendance; and let her do nothing herself that the servants can do, if only for this reason, that the only way of teaching is to see things done, not to let others see you do them.

Я надеюсь, вы все необходимые подстановки уже произвели.

Там ещё про бонусную систему чудесное (“the plan of engaging one's servants at so much a month — the lowest rate at which such servant is obtainable — and so much extra as buksheesh, conditional on good service”), но целиком мне выписывать уже лениво.

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