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QotD: Definition of an Executive

From Mark Horstman's weekly mailing (again):

I was talking to a manager yesterday about being a manager and an executive. I got the sense that he felt he wanted to know whether his style — VERY risk averse — would work at the top of his firm.

I told him something that caught his attention. The way you know you’re an executive — not just someone with a title — was when every decision you make could end your career.

Being a great executive is within each of us. You don’t have to be a certain “type” of person. But you must be willing to engage in effective behaviors, no matter what.

Idealistic and practical simultaneously, as everything Mark preaches. Still, taken as a whole, his teachings are much more moral and human than the passive-aggressive bushido shit so sadly popular in Russia. My firm position — when living in a country, local food is always healthier and better for you, because it's compatible with the climate, water and terroir; when living in a civilization, stick to local moral and social norms, because they're compatible with the brains of people around you. Borscht and potatoes vs. sushi and rice; personal responsibility within holy communion vs. soulless atom within an amorphous absolute. Sorry for rambling.

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