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QotD: The Discworld Almanak

From The Discworld Almanak:

At this time, the prudent husbandman will look to his Shed, wherein he will, if wily, have secreted a comfy Chair and a supply of good Ale, and tobacco too if he is so minded.

Hard frosts do still render the land as iron, yet harrowing can be done, and all crops do benefit greatly from it.

Be careful though when hoeing amongst the reannuals, as a garden implement from next summer can cause a serious injury today.

This is a good time to set and mend all tools and equipment, a job that happily will require a man to be closeted for some considerable time in his Shed.

See closely to your clouts, and bare naught needlessly for the privy, for in truth 'tis still most dangerous to expose the parts.

Чёткое ощущение ятей и еров при чтении.

Вдогонку к лоциям уважаемого Лёши М. и books of ordinances, которые мы с уважаемым Лёшей Ф. нашли в не помню уже каком пабе в Сити, хочется начать коллекционировать викторианские альманахи.

Кстати, о books of ordinances. Почему бы и не выписать кусочек?

III. — Provisions for Safety of Passengers

§ 22. Means of communication between passengers and the company's servants to be provided. — Every company shall provide, and maintain in good working order, in every train worked by it which carries passengers, and travels more than twenty miles without stopping, such efficient means of communication between the passengers and the servants of the company in charge of the train as the Board of Trade may approve. If any company makes default in complying with this section, it shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding ten pounds for each case of default. Any passenger who makes use of the said means of communication without reasonable and sufficient cause shall be liable for each offence to a penalty not exceeding five pounds. [1574]


§ 24. Removal of trees dangerous to railways. — If any tree standing near to a railway shall be in danger of falling on the railway so as to obstruct the traffic, it shall be lawful for any two justices, on the complaint of the company which works such railway, to cause such tree to be removed or otherwise dealt with as such justices may order, and the justices making such order may award compensation to be paid by the company making such complaint to the owner of the tree so ordered to be removed or otherwise dealt with as such justices shall think proper, and the amount of such compensation shall be recoverable in like manner as compensation recoverable before justices under the Railways Clauses Consolidation Act, 1845. [1576]

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