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Happy New Year!!!

Величайший из великих пользователь kotovski сообщает нам:

Из далёкого шестнадцатого века вас хочет поздравить Эдмунд Спенсер, включим же ему микрофон:

The weary year his race now having run,
The new begins his compassed course anew: 
With shew of morning mild he hath begun, 
Betokening peace and plenty to ensue. 
So let us, which this change of weather view,
Change each our minds and former lives amend, 
The old year's sins forepast let us eschew, 
And fly the faults with which we did offend. 
Then shall the new year's joy forth freshly send,
Into the glooming world his gladsome ray: 
And all these storms which now his beauty blend, 
Shall turn to calms and timely clear away. 
So likewise love cheer you and your heavy sprite,
And change old year's annoy to new delight.
Tags: personal, poetry, quote, seasonal, spenser

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