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Терапевты бывают очень честные

Рандомно прочёсываем оконноровскую библиографию. Эти ваши терапевты бывают очень честные, если пишут для своих, а не для нас лохов.

Once we have decided to act as though the diagnosis of major depression or dysthymia (including any atypical or psychotic variation) is sufficiently well established, the utmost care must be taken in setting the right therapy goals and expectations — oftentimes more so for our own sake than for the patient's…

A therapist should always clearly realize that the patients' inner urge is not  to obtain solutions to their problems. Most patients are far from stupid and usually become well-versed in solution seeking before they first come into contact with a therapist, — and the key thing their experience tells them is that any so called solution only carries more problems in its wake. The self-destructive impulses in a post-modern depression sufferer are aimed at removing the true root of their pain — their own self… A typical patient is often much more rational than a therapist armed with techniques from the bygone epochs. He does not wish to be cured — he wishes to remove the very object of any possible cure, so as to avoid more suffering…

Long gone are the days of outwardly cooperative, yet essentially manipulative techniques, whereby the question of patient's own willing was effectively mute. Sadly, long gone are the days when the therapist was but a facilitator, humbly helping the patient to find the redemption within himself and then make it real through the systematic exercise in overcoming the internalized responses…

A post-modern practitioner needs not shun the usage of pharmaceutical therapies, anti-depressant, anti-psychotic, or otherwise. On the contrary, those frequently become the cornerstone of a well-chosen regime… A therapist… should not be distracted by the nonsensical diatribes against the devilish big pharma striving to enslave the populace by their battery of mind-numbing drugs…

A well-executed major depression therapy can be likened to adjuvant regimes in treatment of carcinomas, where carefully metered doses of a cytotoxic agent are used to suppress and remove any dormant cancerous cells that have been spared by the surgeon's knife. Likewise, conversational or exploratory therapeutic techniques can be productively used after, or in combination with, a properly designed anti-depressant treatment… to remove the last traces of the patient's older, dysfunctional self.

It would be a perilous delusion for a therapist to imagine his goal as somehow “restoring” the patient's “healthy” or “true” self by removing the allegedly accidental symptoms. The therapist must be bold, honest, and responsible in admitting that the best he can do in many cases is to obliterate, wholly or partially, wide swathes of the sufferer's personality, possibly through sustained pharmaceutical support, while preserving the ability to function socially. There are no evil, authoritarian, or dystopian overtones to this.

Я почему-то читаю всё это как: "Депрессия? Хлопни виски и не парься." Не обязательно же облитерироваться под присмотром специалиста, можно и самостоятельно.

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