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QotD: On eccentricity and cognoscenti's attitudes towards the plebeian

О происходящем я как обычно выскажусь на метауровне. Читая вздохи и печали коллег, увидевших в выборных камерах (JBTW, an extraodinary job,!) мерзкую серую толпу угрюмых орков, я не могу не вспомнить ещё один кусок из интервью покойного Себастиана Хорзли, которое я недавно цитировал.

Q: How would you react if someone called you eccentric?

A: It depends on if they had big tits or not, or if they were willing to suck my knob, you know. You would've accepted anything from someone who's young, bending, pretty, wouldn't you? Depends on what mood you're in. I wouldn't really correct them 'cause that might be rude, but I would say to them that I'm not eccentric, I'm not eccentric at all. I know exactly what I'm doing. An eccentric is basically somebody too rich or too powerful to be called crazy, isn't that? That's what an eccentric is. A real character knows that he's pretty much exactly the same as everybody else, this is the point, whereas the eccentric doesn't really have the character to see that. So his attempts to be other are rather flimsy, aren't they?

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