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Выписки: Horsley

Поскольку выписать в ЖЖ всю книжку покойного Себастиана Х. невозможно, буду кормить вас отдельными кусочками.

Вот чисто рандомный, для затравки.

I remember the first time I had real sex — I still have the receipt. <…> Of course, men proudly proclaim that they have never had to pay for it. They would never do that! But what are they saying? That money is more sacred to them than sex?

Против наркотиков.

Where marijuana (especially with poppers) gave me a hard on the size of a small mammal, on speed it was more like a salted slug.

Выписывал уже в твиттере, но выпишу ещё раз для LJ-only dweebs, фраза бронзовая.

In a world in which we see ourselves as both a commodity and its seller, to be flogged off on the markets, our self-esteem depends on conditions beyond our control.

Буду теперь ржать каждый раз, когда опять буду слышать фразы про чей-то европейский выбор. Себастиан и его шотландский друг основывают на бешеные деньги виноторговую компанию и едут во Францию типа пробовать и закупать образцы. Шотландцев Себастиан в течение всей книги любит особенно горячо.

Jimmy (seizing a perilously fragile glass in his thick-fingered paw): Ah jist git tae sey. Ah hate the fuckin' Scots. Ah hate the fuckin' English. Ah'm a fuckin' European. Ah'm a fuckin' European, ken. Ah love this fuckin' place, ken. Bonjoore, ken.

Отчасти про любимую работу.

‘If you treat people like human beings they will act like human beings,’ Jimmy said. Within a month, the place was full of murderers, junkies, lunatics and sexual deviants — I was well camouflaged. We all tend to idealise kindness and tolerance, then wonder why we find ourselves infested with losers and nutcases.

Jimmy decided it would be a democracy. We were to run the circus from the monkey cage. Weekly meetings were held in which we all sat in a circle and everyone had a say. It was the only system available. Communism was too dull. Fascism was too exciting. Democracy was the most palatable. Its drawback was its regrettable tendency to encourage people to believe that all men were created equal. You only needed to take a quick look around the room — not least at the strutting Jimmy — to see that this was not the case.

И так далее. Список костюмов выписывать не буду — устану.

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