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QotD: Superannuated Drunkard Supported By Jewish Gold

Уже как минимум в третий раз встречаю эту цитату в разных книгах и всё не могу нарадоваться. Очень я это эдвардианство люблю и уважаю.

At home or on travel, at work or on holiday, Churchill drinks a glass of dry sherry at mid-morning and a small bottle of claret or Burgundy at lunch. To Mr. Churchill a meal without wine is not a meal at all. When he is in England he sometimes takes port after lunch, and always after dinner. It is at this time that his conversation is most brilliant. In the late afternoon he calls for his first whisky and soda of the day... He likes a bottle of champagne at dinner. After the ritual of port, he sips the very finest Napoleon brandy. He may have a highball in the course of the evening.

Phyllis Moir, “I Was Winston Churchill's Private Secretary”

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