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Living and partly living

Поехал в поездку, а resolution забыл. Думаю, что, если буду жив и здоров, а погода не будет совсем бесчеловечной, посещу в воскресенье место действия пьесы "Murder in the Cathedral".

Since golden October declined into sombre November
And the apples were gathered and stored, and the land became
brown sharp points of death in a waste of water and mud,
The New Year waits, breathes, waits, whispers in darkness.
While the labourer kicks off a muddy boot and stretches his hand
to the fire,
The New Year waits, destiny waits for the coming.
Who has stretched out his hand to the fire and remembered the
saints at All Hallows,
Remembered the martyrs and saints who wait? and who shall
Stretch out his hand to the fire, and deny his master? who shall be
By the fire, and deny his master?

А если погода будет хорошая, а я буду полон сил и веселья, может ещё в Whitstable скатаюсь. Или в Canterbury интенсивнее покопаюсь, St. Dunstan's например посещу.

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