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Ещё к вопросу зависимостей и ожиданий

Ещё Ларкин. Мне на ночь, вам на утро. Эри справедливо заметит, что можно было текст ниже нафигачить прозой. Можно, да. Мне лично хватает интонации в качестве added value — товарищ Ларкин опять успешно играет здесь в компетентного наблюдателя.

Places, Loved Ones
by Philip Larkin

No, I have never found
The place where I could say
This is my proper ground,
Here I shall stay;
Nor met that special one
Who has an instant claim
On everything I own
Down to my name;

To find such seems to prove
You want no choice in where
To build, or whom to love;
You ask them to bear
You off irrevocably,
So that it's not your fault
Should the town turn dreary,
The girl a dolt.

Yet, having missed them, you're
Bound, none the less, to act
As if what you settled for
Mashed you, in fact;
And wiser to keep away
From thinking you still might trace
Uncalled-for to this day
Your person, your place.
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