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"Best of Year 2012" Nominations

Being still extremely reluctant to publish any sort of in-depth personal retrospective, as was noted a few days ago, I am nevertheless thrilled to present instead the list of my very own "Best of" nominations for the just-finished year 2012.

Please be informed that an item's inclusion into any of the categories below does not constitute any kind of quality-based recommendation on my part, but merely an indication of personal significance, oftentimes of solely sentimental nature (although the two Ginza-operated restaurants were excellent). Neither did I limit myself only to items that first saw the light of day in 2012.

Hopefully, all items can be easily found on the internet, so I do not furnish the list with hyperlinks (but may do so later).

  1. Music of the year: rather not say.
  2. Fiction of the year: "Perdido Street Station", "Railsea" and certain other books by China Miéville.
  3. Non-fiction of the year:  "The Great War and Modern Memory" and "Wartime" by Paul Fussell; "Emperor of All Maladies" by Siddhartha Mukherjee.
  4. Book not read this year: "Cloud Atlas" by David Mitchell.
  5. Online music broadcasting of the year: Comfort Conspiracy (thanks, pashky); Radio Utuku.
  6. Podcast of the year: Manager Tools.
  7. Audio lectures of the year: Sum and Substance.
  8. Live shows of the year: (1) Low live at Southbank Centre, London, April 3rd; (2) Do Make Say Think live at Electric Ballroom, London, November 27th.
  9. Live shows not seen this year: GY!BE European tour in November.
  10. Poetry of the year: John Donne, Philip Larkin, Edmund Blunden.
  11. Deceased this year: Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Вячеслав Глазычев, churkan, Борис Стругацкий, Valerie Eliot.
  12. Cities of the year: Moscow, London, Kiev.
  13. Cities not visited this year: Odessa, New York, San Francisco.
  14. People not seen this year: hotgiraffe, mama_ari (well, technically we saw each other on May 25th).
  15. Pilgrimage of the year: Canterbury.
  16. London Tube/DLR stations of the year: Monument, Island Gardens, London Bridge.
  17. St. Petersburg Metro stations of the year: Адмиралтейская, Чкаловская, Площадь Ленина.
  18. Moscow Metro stations of the year: Библиотека им. Ленина, Проспект Вернадского, Спортивная.
  19. Colleagues of the year: listed in my annual report; special thanks to Andrey I. and Konstantin K.
  20. Clients of the year: listed in my annual report; especially wish to mention (1) Hatfield HQ'ed large online retail business; and (2) London based alternative marketplace startup (will be big in 2-3 years, but our work is unlikely to be publicized).
  21. St. Petersburg streets of the year: Малая Морская, проспект Луначарского.
  22. Moscow streets of the year: Большая Якиманка, Мясницкая, Академика Пилюгина.
  23. Kiev streets of the year: Велика Житомирська, Ярославiв Вал, Юркiвська, Пейзажна алея.
  24. London streets of the year: Gracechurch Street, Preston's Road, Waterloo Road.
  25. Holiday destination of the year: Feodosia.
  26. Conditional probability of the year: 3%
  27. Airline most traveled this year: Aerosvit.
  28. Airline most liked this year: Aeroflot.
  29. Airports of the year: LGW, KBP.
  30. Train of the year: 030AA Moscow – St. Petersburg.
  31. Restaurants of the year: Рибай, Казанская 3 (St. Petersburg); Бричмула, Комендантский пр. 13-1 (St. Petersburg); Коза-Дереза, Артема 52а (Kiev); Jamie's Italian, 2 Churchill Place, Canary Wharf (London); Cinnamon Kitchen, 9 Devonshire Square (London).
  32. Bars & pubs of the year: Eat and Talk, Моховая 5 (Moscow); Диван, Бессарабська площа 2 (Kiev); The Golden Fleece, 8 Queen Street (London).
  33. Food of the year: Christmas cake by glote.
  34. Drink of the year: Aardbeg (not sure which kind exactly was in that particular flask pirson brought).

Thank you for reading this far and may your own "Best of 2013" list be a hundred times more impressive. Happy New Year!

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