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К недавним разговорам: Three Types of Organizational Power

Хорстман как обычно, из-под замка. TWIMC: Он круглее и прямее высказывается, чем я со своими корявыми метафорами тягачей, подпорок &c.

Go do a search for types of power. Some sites say five, some say seven. You know the majority of them are just parroting stuff when they say seven and they use words they don’t understand like referent. And when you dig in a little, anything more than three types of power is too detailed.

Role Power: what the organization grants you due to your position.

Expertise Power: others listen to you because you are knowledgeable in an area of value.

Relationship Power: what others will do for you because they know, trust and respect* you.

The one that will matter more than the other two combined for the rest of your life is Relationship Power.

Come to think of it, there's a resolution in there, dudes.

Также, as a special bonus track for certain other twimces, дежурная хорстмановская фраза про политику: "What some people call politics, managers call collaboration." Возможно, я её цитировал уже.

* — Да-да, пересмотревшие лекций Адизеса дорогие коллеги, Хорстман сказал именно "trust and respect".

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