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Current reading: Brian Ladd, "The Ghosts of Berlin"

Весьма правильная книжка про город как освоенное культурой место. Хочу такие же про другие города. Полное название отличное — "The Ghosts of Berlin: Confronting the German History in an Urban Landscape". Автор прикольно сопоставляет городскую среду, архитектуру и историю — примерно как ставший для меня в прошлом году откровением Фасселл накладывает друг на друга историю, военное дело и англосаксонскую литературу.

Вот несколько предварительных выписок.

Конкретно про намоленность:

This book is not… an architectural history of Berlin in any conventional sense. Nor is it a book about preservation as such. Buildings matter for me here not because of any intrinsic beauty or value, but because they are the symbols and the repositories of memory.


Symbols and monuments are invested with their meaning through human action… Wherever human beings live, they endow the things around them with cultural meaning. Places and objects become resonant symbols that embody hopes, fears, and value. That is, they become monuments, as the Wall did.

Не совсем про урбанистику, а скорее про осознание и освоение национальной идентичности. Банально за исключением последней фразы.

Since World War II, German history has been an intellectual war zone. Educated Germans, most of them insecure in their national identity, have sought to salvage some meaning or lessons from their recent past. We non-Germans who study Germany tend to take a certain comfort in these battles: our identity is not at stake. At some point, however, we recognize that the national traditions we carry more lightly have their dark sides, too. Even many Germans might agree that German history carries with it a heavier moral burden than, say, American history. But perhaps it is also true that the Germans, more than the rest of us, are facing up to the moral dilemmas inherent in a national identity.

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