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QotD: GDR press on Berlin bombings by Allies

Продолжаю читать урывками "The Ghosts of Berlin". Цытатко смешное, из главы про историю, разрушение и дебаты вокруг восстановления королевского дворца.

The allocation of blame [for the destruction of Berlin historical landmarks] typified the early Cold War: Hitler bore some responsibility, but the main source of troubles was the current capitalist enemy. East Berlin newspaper articles published during these days echoed the party line. According to the Tägliche Rundschau, “The destruction of this monument by American bombers was an act of cultural infamy that Berlin will long remember.” The National-Zeitung wrote of “the barbaric vandalism of their flight crews, for whom unrestrained destruction was a mere matter of sport and of business, and from which they returned home with briefcases stuffed with dollars.” (One wonders how the crews could have managed such feats. Here we seem to have an overzealous Communist editor furiously mixing party-line metaphors.)

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