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В сабжекте пропущено слово "бляди".

Ada Eliot Sheffield (1869–1943), the first-born, in her last letter to TSE, written while she was dying of cancer. She and TSE were intellectually close; he described her as the Mycroft to his Sherlock Holmes. She has in mind The Music of Poetry (1942): ‘I know that a poem, or a passage of a poem, may tend to realise itself first as a particular rhythm before it reaches expression in words, and that this rhythm may bring to birth the idea and the image.’

13 April 1943. Cambridge, Massachusetts.

When you were a tiny boy, learning to talk, you used to sound the rhythm of sentences without shaping words — the ups and downs of the thing you were trying to say. I used to answer you in kind, saying nothing yet conversing with you as we sat side by side on the stairs at 2635 Locust Street. And now you think the rhythm before the words in a new poem! … Such a dear little boy.

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