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The Local Pub as a Dull Allegory

mager, спасибо вам с девочкой Женей, и всем остальным тоже.

…and every night, when you are about to leave this world for a short while, and you thank the Waitress heartily, and settle the bill for yourself and those who have accompanied you, leaving ample tips, the cab awaiting outside…

…then the Owner of the Place, whom you just do not wish to bother, steps suddenly forth, out of his own volition, grabs your hand, and says, “'twas great to see you, old chap, pray do come again,” when your mind is already almost not there…

…then you know you will be back indeed, against all odds. You know your morning shall have been provided.

Гагаринская улица, дом 6, чуваки. Disclosure: no positions.

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