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Длинная выписка: cavalier, risk-averse, liberals, conservatives, hamburgers, and shit

Выписываю чисто на память. Anonymous slashdotter, in response to a Yegge's rant, recently referred to by dear dmtr.

As a blogger, [Steve Yegge] either chose words to incite or he needs a thesaurus. "Cavalier" is the word he wanted not "liberal." He should have stuck with "risk averse" instead of "conservative." Liberals are frequently risk averse; otherwise they wouldn't want the social safety net of healthcare - that is far from cavalier. Conservatives are frequently cavalier otherwise they might consider the ramifications of AGW in spite of weak evidence.

Cavalier is, "So what if a little shit gets in your hamburger."

Risk averse is, "If shit gets in the hamburger we'll have to throw it out, so don't let shit get in the hamburger. Keep the hamburger away from the shit. Keep the shit away from the hamburger. Don't sell hamburger with shit in it. Don't buy hamburger from someone who might let shit get in the hamburger. Cook the hamburger until it's well done, just in case it has shit in it." It's a series of rules to keep everyone out of trouble.

Liberals variously want us to feel good about how little shit there is in the hamburger; start a governmental body to regulate how much shit should be in the hamburger; figure out a way to pick the shit out of hamburger; eliminate the hamburger adulterating the shit; claim that shit is hamburger; etc.

Conservatives variously want to make those responsible pay for having shit in the hamburger; want to allow as much shit in the hamburger as the free market will allow; claim that shit in hamburger is God's will; claim that shit is hamburger; etc.

Note how both conservatives and liberals are likely to stumble across a "solution" that isn't.

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